Get a DISCORD NITRO subscription at a cheaper price

Benefits :

✅For new or old Xbox Accounts
✅Instant Delivery
✅Support 24/7 on Discord!

Read the Description For More Information.



➖ Your account must NOT have an active (valid) subscription, it must EXPIRE by the time of purchase
➖ Nitro subscriptions are purchased in the official store and Discord, which guarantees the reliability and safety of further use
➖ This process requires you to send us your account login information in order to purchase the subscription from within your account

🔷Discord Nitro subscription gives users access to the following features:

✔️Custom and animated emoji on any server: Use any custom emoji from any servers you are present on, wherever you can use emoji..
✔️Custom stickers used everywhere, plus 300 Nitro stickers: As with custom emoji, use any custom stickers from any servers you´re on when sending messages. Also get access to our very own 300 Discord-created stickers featuring Discord characters you know and love.
✔️ Larger file upload capacity: Upload files up to 100MB in size to easily share videos, photos and more.
✔️ HD Streaming: Share your screen in high definition to spice up your gaming experience.
✔️2 Boost 30 discount on additional Boosts: You will receive 2 Boost Servers, which you can apply to any servers. Additionally, you will receive a 30% discount on any additional Boosts purchased.
✔️Profile Enhance: Add an animated avatar, banner image, profile theme, and you can change the # of your Discord tag to personalize your appearance.
✔️Server Profiles: Be who you want to be on each server by customizing your profile for each server individually.
✔️Nitro Badge: An exclusive profile badge that is shown only to subscribers.
✔️Customized Video Background: Upload your own image to appear in the background of your video, providing privacy and highlighting your personality.
✔️Access All Activities: Access all currently available Activities and launch games so anyone can instantly join and play on your server with you.
✔️ Join 200 Servers: Get double the server space to join more of the communities you love.
✔️ Longer messages: Say what you really want using the increased character limit of 4,000 characters.
✔️ 5 Super reactions per week

🔷Discord Basic subscription gives users access to the following features:

✔️ Custom emoji
✔️Nitro badge
✔️ Upload files from 8 MB to 50 MB.
✔️ 2 Super reactions per week


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